Rs. 5lac - 10lac





•Lowest Franchisee Fee.

•Best Economical model with highest revenue model.

•Best business for quick and high cash flow.

•Best business model to attract clientele.

•One of the best Brand for woman empowerment.

•Latest technological updates with paper less and cash less model.


•One of the best model for increase the revenue.

•You may always able to beat your competitor with lots of attractive and effective marketing strategies as compare to other business.

•Increasing number of customer always make a profitable sceneries in versatile service segment like Module-2 become a monitor model as per growth. 

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About Us

Thadiwala™ the name which reflects the meaning of Dream, Passion, and Loyalty to the thought of “we wants to become something”.

Yes, Thadiwala™ is the reflection of the dream which Ankita Parikh and Neha Parikh were living together as passing years. Both are highly determined and devoted towards the thought of becoming no one to someone. They wants to establish a new example to the world. Women are the creator and they are nevertheless in any scenario compared to the manly world.

How It Came Into Existence 

With the cup of a coffee on an ordinary day they found their path which will going to take them to their dream destination. By then Thadiwala™ born.

Thadiwala™ is the other name to women empowerment as it highly focuses on taking women ahead. To make them walk head to head with others in the world.

Food and Beverage
Rs. 5lac - 10lac

Area Required :- 300 Sq. Ft. to 700 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment :- 5 Lacs to 10 Lacs

What is franchising?

Franchising is a relationship between two companies in which the first company provides a license to second company/Individual to do business under the brand name of first company, in return the first company will charge a royalty fees from the second company in lieu of providing the assistance in organizing, training, establishing and A to Z management of the business.

2 Why I should take a Franchisee and not open my own outlet?
3 Do I have to work in my outlet or franchisee?
The professionally hired asst Manager/manager will run the show. You or any of your representatives will just have to manage the financial aspects of the outlet. Your time commitment on the outlet is zero as A to Z operation of the outlet shall be controlled by the Company except financial control.
4 Can I have a business partner if I don't meet the financial requirements on my own?
A franchisee applicant may have a business partner but with written information
to the Company.
5 How much does it cost to become a Thadiwala™ The Multi Cuisine Restaurant franchisee?
The cost depends largely on the module of the franchise. Thadiwala™ The Multi Cuisine Restaurant can be started with an investment of as low as Rs. 6 lakhs and can go up to Rs. 10 Lakhs inclusive Franchisee Fee.
6 Are there any fixed vendors for equipments, civil works etc.?


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