Rs. 10lac - 20lac



Benefit of a SmartSchool Franchisee

  • Vast experience in education sector
  • Most affordable preschool chain to start 
  • World class Preschool facilities
  • Area wise exclusivity
  • Works on proven business model
  • Complete digital curriculum
  • Multi layer support system
  • Scope for expansion and diversification
  • Complete in-house production of books
  • Dedicated website for all franchisees

Our Support

The moment you sign up as a Smartschool franchisee, your request will be forwarded to the most experience professional in the preschool industry and your dream of starting a preschool will NO longer remain a dream, but a reality.

Our Support will include :-

  • Detailed site inspection.
  • Complete setup of the preschool.
  • Designing related to the ambience.
  • Customized Marketing kit
  • Providing cost effective education aids.
  • Complete content training to teachers.
  • Provides books, stationary, digital content
  • Support in hiring of the staff.
  • üMarketing related support.

Industry Watch

About Us

Smart School Junior preschool is promoted by Smart School Education, which is an Indian based education company with backend office in US. Innovation through technology forms the core DNA of the company.

Having catered to more than 10,00,00,00+ students and over 1000+ schools world- wide, the company is poised to become one of the largest K-12 technology solution provider world over.

The company aims at creating an innovative, affordable, next generation preschool chain, which will revolutionalize the preschool education.

Education and Training
Rs. 10lac - 20lac

Area Required :- 1000 Sq. Ft. - 2500 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment :- Rs. 2 Lacs - Rs.  Lacs

What is Smart School Junior??

Smart School Junior is argubably the most advanced preschool in the country, with the complete course in the digital format for best learning of the child and being the only preschool in india to do so.

SmartSchool Junior is firmly cemented on three pillars

Superior Ambience

  • Friendly caring environment.
  • World class facilities.
  • Hygienic and clean environment.
  • World class education aids.

Our curriculum

  • Researched by top experts.
  • Structured curriculum.
  • At par with international standard.
  • Completely digital curriculum. 
  • Digital Content APP for every parent

Multi layer support

  • Infrastructure support.
  • Customized Marketing kit
  • Technical and training support.
  • Marketing support.
  • Advertisement support.