Rs. 10lac - 20lac


1300 Sq Feet


Despite having good build, todays vehicle parts have restricted shelf life. Their life gets significantly reduced if not maintained properly from Dust, UV Rays, Heat and Harmful Chemicals. AUTOTRIZ coating helps in protecting different parts of your vehicle and enhances its life. Our wide range of  xterior and Interior Coatings are targeted at customers who are interested in protecting their vehicle from harsh environment and enhancing the look of their Car or Bike.

Current car sales trend in india shows that more than 2.3 Lakhs cars are sold every month. An increase in awareness among customers on Car Paint Protection is also observed in this market. Targeting a fraction of this population can generate huge income for any Franchise.

Industry Watch

Autotriz has become the leader in the “Automotive Industry” very quickly after it’s launch in Malaysia.  he demand from Car and Bike enthusiasts has led us to expand our products and services to Indonesia, Middle East, Taiwan, Poland, Brazil, Belarus, Turkey and now in India.

About Us

Our patented technology of 3D Matrix Nano Structure Coating forms a permanent bond to the paintwork ensuring long-term durability, hence also providing amazing depth of glossiness & reflections. It has the highest hardness which exceeds 9H compared to other conventional coatings and the highest thickness as the 3D matrix structure can be coated in multiple layers with no cracking nor peeling.

Rs. 10lac - 20lac

Total Investment : 14 to 18 Lakhs (*depending on the location)

Commercial Space : 1300 Sq Feet Royalty 10,000 or 5 % whichever is higher

AUTOTRIZ is committed to servicing distributors and applicators with training, both Indian training center and at our global training center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We will provide everything necessary to help you make the most of promotions and products. Customer service and satisfaction is always our top priority. We will always ensure our distributors to stay ahead of competition and to keep AUTOTRIZ products in high demand and great value for the consumers, whichequals real profit margins. We give training to your employees at our Head Office. We treat each of our trainee with  pecial attention and provide multiple sessions to ensure they have understood what AUTOTRIZ is truly about.


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