Rs. 10lac - 20lac


500-600 SqFt


Invigorated by the overwhelming response from their customers and encouraged by the positive suggestions and comments, the company now is planning to carve with a niche by introducing burger as a Big Burger in the major towns though their brand. The company has chosen this to adopt the Business Model of Franchising for the expansion and already opened outlets in various cities of Punjab and is planning to speed up with the expansion operation with having an aim for opening 50 Franchisee Outlets with the coming of next years.

Big Burger’s vision is to provide with every lover of burger that too with the best of burgers and then rid them with the sub standard unhealthy and unhygienic Burgers which is been served to them out by the vendors of roadside.

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About Us

Big Burger is the unit of Brand Promoters Private Limited. Brand Promoters Private Limited is the company which was started having the vision for Providing Hygienic and Healthy Food at a very low cost. At the very first field the choice of the company was sector of Fast Food and from that the various fast foods which are popular. The company chose this with the focus especially on the Snacks Maharaja, the Samosa which is been eaten up by in every household and with this flagship brand Samosa Junction.

Benefits of Franchising with Big Burger

  • It can be started with low investment
  • It has low risk and high income
  • It is easy to operate and manage
  • Training here is provided fully
  • Assisting is done with lease negotiation
  • All recipes are accessed here
  • Supply is regular
  • Return of investments is experienced in a months
  • Assisting is with branding, marketing and POS
Food and Beverage
Rs. 10lac - 20lac

Area Required :- 500 Sq. Ft. - 600 Sq. Ft. 

Total Investment :- 10 Lacs - 15 Lac

Minimum Investment and Maximum Profit

Franchising opportunity is now available. Become an entrepreneur with lowest possible investment. You do not require any special skills. All you have to do is to manage the outlet that is quite easy to operate.

We will provide you comprehensive training, support, business advise, branding, operations,sales promotions and marketing. We will also help our franchises to negotiate with the centre manager for the cheapest possible rent.  

Although, we have a tested and recommended business model, we appreciate franchises need to individualize their design, operations etc. We are not to interfere in your operations and financials; however we will provide training and advice as needed. 

Making a profitable franchise is our paramount goal which we aim to achieve it by keeping our joining fee and ongoing cost very low and provide you with high-value support. We have been very innovative and pro-active in achieving this goal. Becoming our franchisee gives you a number of great benefits that are not limited to the following:

  • Low investment (ideal for entrepreneur with low start up capital).
  • Low risk High income
  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Full training provided
  • Assistance with lease negotiations
  • Access to all recipes
  • Regular supply
  • Assistance with marketing, branding and POS
  • Experience the return of investment in months


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