Indian food and beverage franchise sector is helping economy by giving jobs to local people

It does sound good that Indian economy is supported largely by food industry as number of people involved in roles of entrepreneurs, customer and employee. To maintain a good restaurant chain business could be toughest job, consumers now-a-days are not brand loyal they prefer quality as well as low priced food items. The change in consumption basket is a direct result of involvement of middle class family in dines out culture. Food and beverage franchise running across the country has provided employment opportunities to local public thereby helping to raise living standard of particular area or region. Global fast foods chains operate in India contribute immensely to national economy, several employments offered to general public. Moreover, career development program is also designed by fast food operators in order to encourage their workers to think more about their future.
Indian landscape is famous for rich diversity and food culture throughout the world. Emerging growth of young population coupled with high demand fast food items has enabled companies to hire more employees so that customers can be served effectively. A plethora of opportunities are waiting in food sector, entrepreneurs aims to provide fresh food items shall come forward to anticipate food industry. Unorganized food services industry has dominated food services market although share of organized sector is accounted for 33 percent due to intense demand of global brands. Lots of measures have been taken place to completely transform food service industry. In a survey, number of working women percentage is increased to 15 percent during period 2010-15. Thus employment opportunities are generated at a rapid rate, fast food players’ utilized Indian manpower to add more value to their business. Both companies and local citizens enjoyed very much due to increasing demand for ready to eat food items. More outlets more employment opportunities will be generated.