How can an online faux pas doom your networking potential??

When we were in our old days we usually didn’t faced any big problems related to the primary form of networking. But now as the technology has become so huge many online networking has set some rules which should be followed and we should be aware of them otherwise the opportunities which we are getting can also be snatched.

1. Having an amateur email address.

You should have an email address in a professional manner as if you are not having this you can’t manage your professionalism. Basically having a mature email address it makes the dealing as it automatically gets to know how professional you are. You should make an email address on Gmail not on Hotmail or Yahoo.

2. Having a ridiculous email signature.

Having a ridiculous email signature makes you destroy the deal. As the signature is always meant to be the powerful key aspect or the identity of any person, same is with the email signature. If you signature or company logo is not appropriate than it is not at all okay. But having an appropriate logo or the signature makes the deal very fine. So it is very much important that you have a professional signature and the logo.

3. Having an unimpressive social media presence.

Having an impressive presence makes you the king of all other social media as well. As much as you gets like your popularity increases day by day. And for the promotion LinkedIn is the king for all the other social media. And facebook can also be the other thing to make your social presence.

And if you made all these activity than you can easily grow with the network.