Apparel franchise business is on the way to become sunshine sector

In India, the fashion industry sees phenomenal growth with the presence of number of national and global brands in metro cities as well as urban areas. Both men and women show interest in purchasing branded clothes consistently, this attitude will be frontline reason for rising apparel franchise business opportunities in recent times. Every year new brands have penetrated Indian market to find a niche place. Clothing or apparel franchise is a rewarding business venture for new entrants, remarkable changes have been observed in fashion industry. Various global and local brands have opened new outlets to reach more people, also promotional activities conducted at super markets or malls attracted consumers a lot. In India, generally during festive season, drastic increment observed in sales of clothing and other accessories.
The overall textile and apparel market in India is accounted for US $ 60 billion and is estimated to expand in next year. Near about 70 percent market share is dominated by apparel and rest is shared by other textiles. The increasing population accompanied with factors like escalating urbanization, increasing income and demand for international brands has positioned India at top most places in the list of both domestic and global apparel franchisees. Indian textiles industry is projected to touch US $ 225 billion by 2020 from US $ 110 in 2016. As per business analyst, Indian textile industry will ultimately cross US $ 500 billion in coming years. The industry has contributed heavily to national economy; generate employment opportunities and also scaling small and medium enterprises in the country. Billion dollar investment has witnessed by textile industry is last few years. To increase man-made fibre production government has encouraged farming to utilize technologies, high productive fertilizers and smart equipments. Apparel franchisees are growing rapidly; entrepreneurs can generate good revenue through establishing a new store to serve local consumers purpose effectively.